Braidless weft



With Braidless Weave Extensions the days of removing and reinstalling your extensions every 6 weeks are long gone, NOW clients can enjoy 6 months of FULL-TIME wear, with only quick 30 min maintenance appointments to remove natural shedding and slide the wefts back into place! After the 6 months, you can easily reuse the same hair and reinstall into a new placement so your hair stays healthy!

Braidless Weave Extensions only uses up to 10% of your hair in the process and clients end up with healthier hair and scalps when switching to this technique! How awesome is that!

Custom 50g Density

16” $595.00 - $640.00

20” $620.00 - $660.00 

22” $795.00 - $860.00 (special order)

Rising Star 100g Density

16” $860.00 - $960.00

20” $930.00 - $1035.00

22” $960.00 - $1060.00 (special order)

Starlet 150g Density

16” $935.00 - $1035.00

20” $1035.00 - $1135.00

22” $1110.00 - $1210.00 (special order)

Super Star 200g Density

16” $1060.00 - $1160.00

20” $1235.00 - $1335.00

22” $1310.00 - $1410.00 (special order)

Diamond Series Packages Include:

*Premium Hair Installation*

*2 complimentary touch-ups* 

*Electronic HairBible* 

*Complimentary cut-to-blend* 

*Complimentary un-installation!* (Always)

Touch Up Service 

Our Braidless Weft technique requires monthly (4 week) maintenance appointments. You are given 2 complimentary with each new package purchase, then after your third month of wear, you are required to pay a touch up fee on each monthly visit.

Pricing is the same for extensions and hair replacement services.


Peek-A-Boo Packages

Need just a little more fullness, but you don't require more length? Our peek-a-boo package is perfect for you! Using our premium Diamond Series hair line. 

We will provide you 1 or 2 rows of either 16'' or 20'' hair extensions! Perfect for women who do not require a full package!

$130.00 - $250.00


Our Braidless Weft technique stays in the head for up to 6 months at one time  Generally, our hair line can be worn for 2 installations! After 6 months, you can choose to come in for a re-installation, which is where we remove the extensions, and give you a fresh new install using new beads, and a new area of your head!

Re-Install without wash = $325.00

Re-Install with wash = $375.00

*Does not include new hair*  $325.00 - $375.00

Extension Blow-Out Service 

Come in for a wash & style! (Designed for clients who are already wearing extensions!) $60.00

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