Perfect for TRAVEL! 

Dries quickly for storage and transport. Feel confedent putting your damp Washdolly in  the organza bag and storing it in your suitcase.

Perfect for CORRECTIONS!

Smaller size makes it easy to correct your makeup slips.

Extremely perfect for Dancers!

Removes that extra stage makeup with ease! 


Washdolly feels so good!

There is a trend of not putting chemicals on your face and practicing environmental thoughtfulness by reducing disposable waste.


How to use:

Wet Washdolly cloth.

Hold on face for a moment.

Gently wipe off makeup.

Turn cloth over to continue to wash face.

Rinse cloth with soap and water.

Wring out cloth, hang to dry for 4-5 days then wash and dry in washing machine.


To exfoliate:

Use Washdolly in it's damp form and move in circular motion. Apply desired pressure.

HINT: It is important to exfoliate to remove the dead skin barrier so that when you apply your favourite skin cream it penetrates your skin otherwize the cream just sits on top of the dead skin. Do not over exfoliate as your natural oils are important, just find that happy medium.

Washdolly lasts about 1000 washes!  

Care Instructions:

Wash in your washer and dryer but...

Avoid hot water...because they will wear out faster.

No fabric softener...because it will cover the magic grip.

15x20 cm

Dance Washdolly Makeup Remover and Exfoliant Cloth Small 3pk Pink


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